Indulge Permanent Cosmetics Spa Vancouver, WA

Indulge Permanent Cosmetics Spa Vancouver, WA

Indulge Permanent Cosmetics Spa Vancouver, WA is more than a spa! We offer manicures, pedicures and permanent cosmetics. After treatments clients leave Indulge feeling satisfied and renewed, thanks to our amazing services. It’s this guaranteed satisfaction that has kept clients coming back and what keeps new customers excited to see what Indulge can do for them.

Our certified professionals address the most personal aspects of its clients’ needs. Indulge gives careful attention to quality and consistency that our clients demand. These values are core to the business philosophy of owners of Indulge. Come see why Indulge Permanent Cosmetics and Spa is one of Vancouver's fastest growing secrets!

Indulge Permanent Cosmetics

Our technicians have been performing permanent cosmetic procedures for 18 years, She is a licensed and board certified micro pigmentation specialist that offers Professional, caring services to her clients. Sabra is an artist with a trained eye to beauty and detail. The use of topical anesthetics are used to ensure comfort and ease. Procedures offered: Eye liner Lash enhancements and liner Eye Brows-Both fill and individual hair for texture and a more natural look Lips- liner and fill Areola regimentation Scar revision Camouflage Skin needling: collagen boosting resurfacing Winkle reduction: Through skin needling, which causes the growth of new collagen plumping and minimizing deep wrinkles. We are committed to giving our clients the beautiful results they expect

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